Hi, I'm Derrick

I am passionate about creating and delivering simple intrinsic solutions for complex human requirements. I use my varied skill set in design, development, marketing and analytics to create, build and optimize the full lifecycle of brands and businesses.

And I love every minute of it! This is what I do.


I take a bottom-line, goal driven approach to each project.

My clients consistently see increased conversion, enhanced brand loyalty
and high quality leads thanks to my work.


I help companies communicate their voice of value to customers and contemporaries. A businesses online presence is the ever present disciple of your brand and values.

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I help brands connect to their audience through shared values and interests. Print provides a tactile impact and creates instant synergy between company and customer.

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I help clients communicate the impossible using the possible. The full potential of the digital age must be met and exploited or you will be forgotten.

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Art + Function = Design

I create solutions that are innovative, measurable and make a material difference in the profitability of the businesses, clients and stakeholders I work with.

No Results = Not Me

Recent Projects

American Academy of Thermology.

Recent Projects

Corporate Logos.

Recent Projects

Various Print Designs.

Recent Projects

Virginia Dept. of Health Hep-C Facebook Campaign.

Recent Projects


Recent Projects

Impact Improver.

Recent Projects


Recent Projects

NeeDee Cakes Logo & Branding.

Recent Projects

Sport & Fitness Logos.

Recent Projects

Virginia Dept. of Health HIV Facebook Campaign.


I Deliver
Goal Driven Solutions

I work shoulder-to-shoulder with clients and stakeholders, to ensure a project is never created in isolation and always meets the demands of my clients.

Every project has its own unique goals and vision. Whether your project demands custom solutions or just a face lift you can bet I will deliver on all your business goals and more.

I am available for consulting, contract or freelance opportunities and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Derrick Treadwell

My Skill Set

Adobe Creative Suite 95%

Visual Design 95%

Logo Design & Branding 90%

Responsive Web Design 85%

HTML & CSS 75%

Shopify 80%

Wordpress 85%

Other Skills

Print Design, Illustration, Package Design, Infographics, Prototyping, Photography, Video Production, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Social Media Marketing, Application Design & Development, Hubspot Design & Development, Google Marketing Platform, UI/UX

Working with Derrick was a pleasure. He is very creative and receptive to feedback. He worked hard to keep the project on schedule and deliver the best possible results. We are very pleased with the new website.

Nancy Hunter


Derrick was a pleasure to work with throughout our website design; he was always available, had great ideas and created a beautiful website for us!

Ron Lavery


I've worked closely with Derrick, and we've formed a fantastic working relationship. He takes feedback very well and will abandon his own ideas to give the client what they want. Working weekends and meeting impossibly tight deadlines he will meets all demands, plus! Highly recommended - communication is everything!

Hannah Drake


Like to work with me or want to say hello? Drop me a line
and I'll get right back to you!