Launched 2018

par8o Redesign & Hubspot Conversion

par8o is SASS company serving the medical and healthcare verticals. They provide referral management software that is an easy and intuitive interface that bridges the gap between customers, providers and staff across all offices, access points and medical centers. When they came to me they were in need of a redesign of their flagship website, an overhaul of the sites information architecture and conversion to Hubspot’s content management system.

My Solution
This client's previous website had all the pertinent information but the poor design, content density and overlap made for poor consumption and retention. The first thing I did to change this was to create negative space, this provided more emphasis on the content and then we worked to distill everything down to the most important concepts and directives. And by creating multiple, custom infographics we better communicated the high density concepts in a more visual, consumable way.