Launched 2017 Redesign & Wordpress Conversion


American Academy of Thermology

The American Academy of Thermology is a trade industry organization for doctors, scientists and other medical professionals that work with and specialise in thermography. This site not only serves as a point of contact and information it’s also the registration point for the organization as well as one of the largest password protected directories of medical thermographic imaging. Despite having all of this going for them the poor performance of the site for recruiting, a lack of a coherent user experience and poor build performance were my top challenges.

My Solution
Despite the challenge of such a niche and specialized field this project is among my favorites. One of my personal design philosophies is that industry or tonal limitations don't need to be adhered to unless the subject matter is to serious to deviate from. My goal beyond making sure I created a stable, organized platform was to create a much more visual experience that didn't standardized along the lines of medical dryness and aesthetic.